Marmoset Gum 1kg

Marmoset Gum 1kg

199.0 AED

199.00 AED

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Product Description

• A natural product from the African Acacia Tree.
• Contains natural sugar compounds which are palatable to New World species.
• Contains a balanced quantity of Vitamins and Minerals to add a nutritional benefit.
• Should be fed in small quantities as a supplement to the normal daily feed ration.
• Allows Marmosets to display their natural feeding behavior.

Arabic Gum, Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. (Ingredients may be subject to change due to seasonal availability)

Feeding recommendations
The most popular method of feeding to Marmosets is to place the gum into holes drilled into wood to allow natural gnawing behaviour. For other species the gum can be mixed with the animals normal feed or fed alone in small quantities. Ideal as a supplementary enrichment feed. The powder should be mixed gradually with warm water to form a fluid paste. A good mixing ratio for a small group of marmosets would be 50g powder to 50ml warm water. Fresh gum should be made up every day  

Calculated analysis (Unless otherwise stated nutrients are expressed as total calculated levels)  

Moisture % 10.00, Crude Fat % 0.46, Crude Protein % 1.36, Crude Fibre % 0.10, Ash % 5.15, NFE % 82.68, Atwater Fuel Energy (AFE) MJ/Kg 14.22, Calcium % 0.34, Phosphorus % 0.24, Sodium % 0.21, Magnesium % 0.01, Copper mg/Kg 1.43, Vit. A (added as Retinyl Acetate) IU/g 23.8, Vit. D3 (added as Cholecaliferol) IU/g 14.3, Vit. C (added as L-Ascorbic acid Monophosphate) mg/Kg 4765.15, Vit. E (added as dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate) IU/Kg 95.21  

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