Ostrich Breeder 25kg

Ostrich Breeder 25kg

145.0 AED

145.00 AED

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Product Description

• Contains all the vitamins and minerals required by the birds, no supplementation is necessary.
• Contains high levels of Vitamin E. • Contains adequate amounts of Selenium.
• Provides low energy to prevent obesity in breeding birds.
• No non-nutrient feed additives such as Antibiotics and Coccidiostats which are known to be harmful to these birds.
• Does not contain any form of Meat or Poultry product.

Oat Hull and Bran, Dehulled Extracted Toasted Soya, Wheatfeed, Grass Meal, Molasses, Soya Bean Oil, Vitamin and Mineral Premix. (Ingredients may be subject to change due to seasonal availability)

Feeding recommendations
Birds should be fed 1.5 to 2.5 Kg per bird per day depending upon body and level of egg production. Feed Ad-Lib to very high producing birds (laying more than 120 eggs per year). An additional amount of supplementary Calcium is recommended. Amount depends on level of egg production, a guide to Oyster Shell addition is as follows:
0 – 60 eggs No supplementation necessary
61 – 90 eggs 1% Oyster Shell 91 – 120 eggs 2% Oyster Shell
121 – 150 eggs 3% Oyster Shell

Calculated analysis (Unless otherwise stated nutrients are expressed as total calculated levels) 

Moisture % 10.00, Crude Fat % 3.2,0 Crude Protein % 20.00, Crude Fibre % 11.17, Ash % 12.20 NFE % 41.60, Lysine % 1.16, Methionine % 0.31, Metabolisable Energy (ME) MJ/Kg 7.30, Calcium % 2.85, Phosphorus % 0.79, Sodium % 0.13, Magnesium % 0.38, Copper mg/Kg 20.33 ,Vit. A (added as Retinyl Acetate) IU/g 8.06, Vit. D3 (added as Cholecaliferol) IU/g 1.61, Vit. E (added as dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate) IU/Kg 161.20

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