Carnivore Meat Feline 25kg

Carnivore Meat Feline 25kg

706.0 AED

706.00 AED

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Product Description

• Contains nutrients essential for all Feline species.
• Provided as a powder which when mixed with hot water provides an acceptable form for the animals to consume.
• Highly palatable. • Replaces meat and requires no supplementation.
• Contains Taurine an essential amino acid for feline species.

Poultry Meat Meal, Fish Meal, Chicken Fat, Porcine Gelatin, Luxara, Full Fat Toasted Soya, Yeast, Minerals, Vitamins, Trace Elements. (Ingredients may be subject to change due to seasonal availability)

Feeding recommendations
The powder should be mixed with hot water in the ratio of about 1 part powder to 1 part water. On refrigeration the material will set and can then be cut into suitable sized pieces for feeding. As a rough guide 1.0Kg of powder (2.0Kg of made up product) is equivalent to at least 4.5Kg of tinned meat, or meat scraps.  

Calculated analysis (Unless otherwise stated nutrients are expressed as total calculated levels)  

Moisture % 10.00, Crude Fat % 20.29, Crude Protein % 50.45, Crude Fibre % 1.57, Ash % 10.15 NFE % 3.99, Lysine % 3.48, Methionine % 1.23, Taurine % 0.95, Metabolisable Energy (ME) MJ/Kg 18.28, Calcium % 3.10, Phosphorus % 1.53, Sodium % 0.62, Magnesium % 0.09, Copper mg/Kg 17.35, Vit. A (added as Retinyl Acetate) IU/g 73.84, Vit. D3 (added as Cholecaliferol) IU/g 3.69, Vit. E (added as dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate) IU/Kg 152.44  

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