Am "The Stinger" Ultra Complete Anaesthetic System

Am "The Stinger" Ultra Complete Anaesthetic System

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Darvalla's DVM Iso Low Flow Vaporizer accuracy ± 10% from 3L/min to 200ml/min 5 year Service. Darvall Expanded Scale Flowmeter Low-Flow accuracy. Glows in the dark; Calibrated for O2 concentrators. Immediate Warming from the First Breath with Darval's DVM Iso Low Flow Vaporizer. Pressure Gauges for accuracy & safety. Darvall's Stingray: Rapid Response, Low Flow Anesthesia for all animals 2kg to 80kg. Uses 2 canister: Small - 2-30kg Large - 30-80kg Absorber is mounted on a movable Swing-Arm. Optional:Ready to Roll Basket for convenient & immediate storage. Stinger Ultra anesthetic supplied with: DVM Iso Low Flow Vaporiser Darvall Heated Breathing Circuit Unit Heated Breathing Circuits Stingray Circle Absorber & two canisters.

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