Companion Ctx 15

Companion Ctx 15

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Product Description

The NEW Companion CTX combines advanced features with a redesigned approach to dosing that gives you an unmatched level of versatility and control over your treatments. The CTX provides dosing solutions for the new, intermediate, and advanced laser user alike. A high-definition user interface provides a superior experience, and with the flexible architecture, you never have to worry about out-of-date technology. The laser source of this device is a solid-state diode. It produces near infrared laser energy at 980nm and 810nm wavelengths. The delivery system consists of a flexible optical fiber threaded through a lightweight hand piece. Activation occurs when the operator enables the laser by pressing the foot/finger switch. Releasing the foot/finger switch will deactivate the laser. Depending on laser system configuration, the foot/finger switch can function as on/off switch. A convenient and easy-to-use touch-screen display panel allows the operator to adjust or set laser output level with minimal effort. The laser can operate in continuous wave mode or controlled pulse mode

Consistent therapeutic delivery for every patient, every condition, every time. Treat with confidence with the Empower Delivery System in your hands.  


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