Bio Puppy (Puppy Milk Replacer) 200gm

Bio Puppy (Puppy Milk Replacer) 200gm

26.0 AED

26.00 AED

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Product Description

  • A nutritional supplement for your puppy, designed by taking a sample of natural breast milk and creating a balanced formula with protein, vitamins, minerals and oils. Providing all the nutrition needs of prematurely separated puppies.

  • Bio Puppy – Puppy Milk Replacer contains all necessary vitamins and minerals and helps healthy muscle and bone growth. It can also be used as a nutritional supplement for pregnant, nursing, old and weak adult dogs. Its lactose content is reduced in order to prevent diarrhea. Bio PetActive Bio Puppy – Puppy Milk Replacer provides a healthy and easily digestible nutrition for your dog. L – Carnitine: It is used for metabolism of fatty acids in the body and conversion of energy within the cells. It helps to reduce the proportion of fat in the body, losing weight, and to turn the fat in between ineffective muscle masses into energy.