Royal Camel Mix 20kg

Royal Camel Mix 20kg

110.0 AED

110.00 AED

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Product Description

Royal Camel has designed this feed to meet your camel’s specific nutritional requirements irrespective of its activity, environment or stage of physiological development. Each feed has been formulated with a balanced energy, protein, fiber, fat, mineral and vitamin content to cover your camel’s needs. Concentrate of the last innovative nutritional technologies, this product was designed by the   Royal Camel team of nutritionists and veterinarians who work on developing ever more effective nutritional products for better welfare.   

FLAKES : Supplemental flaked feed with fodder ensuring vitality and digestive health, intended for racing camels. Enriched with Pre-biotics MOS bio-regulators of intestinal flora that help protect the digestive transit. Vitamin E supplement and Organic Selenium which, through their complementary anti-oxidizing action, help protect the cells in order to boost muscular effort.

Supplemented with L-carnitine, an essential nutriment for effort: boosts the use of the energy compounds coming from fats.

Supplemented with Vitamin E and Organic Selenium: through their complementary antioxidant action, helps protect cells to boost muscle effort. Supplemented with pre-biotics

MOS: bio-regulators of intestinal flora that help protect the digestive transit, they also have an effect on the immune system.

A banana flavor to secure the palatability and maintain intakes during the stress of training and racing.

Feeding Instruction

Ration for a 400 kg camel body weight (2 or 3 meals per day)

Unrestricted clean water

Racing Camel Mix 2 to 3,2 kg (4,5 to 7 liters) in addition of a daily forage ration (provides long

digestible fiber). To be modulated regarding the quality of the forage.

Rations to be adjust according to the state of the camel and the intensity of physical activity.