Employee Engagement Survey 2020

Thank you for participating in this Employee Survey! Your answers will help us to better understand how our employees feel about their work and the company, and how engaged they are in helping our company to grow and succeed. Your participation in completing this survey is greatly appreciated!

Directions: Please set aside 30 minutes to complete this survey uninterrupted to the best of your ability. Please skip any questions that you do not understand. Please complete the survey on behalf of yourself.

Confidentiality: Your input is completely anonymous. All of your answers will be aggregated with the answers from other employees in our company. Your answers will be used to identify and address opportunities for increasing satisfaction and performance for our employees and customers.

I find my work meaningful

I have a great work-life balance

I like my company culture

I would recommend a friend to work at Eurovets

I feel valued at work.

I have all the resources I need to do my job successfully

I feel like my work is always recognized

It is easy to get along with my colleagues

Morale in my department is high

This company provides me with adequate opportunities for growth and development

My job is challenging and interesting

I am encouraged to come up with better ways of doing things

I have opportunities to express myself

The people I work with coorperate to get the job done

There is open and honest communication at this company

I am empowered to make decisions to best serve my customers

I am comfortable voicing my ideas and opinions, even if they are different from others.

At this company, people are held accountable for their performance

Work is well coordinated within my team.

Goals set our by my manager are clearly defined

My manager provides me with actionable suggestions on how to improve.

My supervisor is able to address my questions or concerns

My manager values my feedback

I can clearly see a link between my work and this company's strategic objectives.

Senior leadership gives employees a clear picture of the direction our company is headed.

I feel that my health insurance benefits suit my needs

I feel that my health insurance benefits are clearly communicated to me and I understand my policy

I feel that my prescription cover meets my needs

I feel that I have access to quality hospitals and doctors.

The Bayzat mobile application has been helpful in allowing me to find out more information about my health insurance network and benefits.