Eurovets Business Process Feedback Survey

Objective: In an effort, to improve our business procedures at Eurovets, we would like to request you to spend 5-10 mins completing this survey related to our ERP systems

Confidentiality: This is a confidential survey, however, department-specific feedback will be very helpful in completing this exercise. 

Results: The results of this survey will be released via email and will help us to determine focus areas for business process/optimization efforts.

What department do you work in?

What processes take you the longest to achieve daily?

What processes take you the longest to achieve weekly?

What processes take you the longest to achieve monthly?

What business process are unclear and will improve efficiency if clarified with the team?

What is the most effective way for you to learn about the company's business procedures?

During what processes do you think we as a company could reduce wastage?

What are repetitive tasks that you wish you could eliminate? What is the weekly amount of time spent on these tasks?

Which business processes will yield better control over our organization?

If I could automate one part of my job it would be…

Which business procedure improvement would yield the highest return on investment (increased sales/reduced time)?

Which improvement to our website would yield the highest increase in sales?